My husband is a Sex Addict

Hello, I’m Evelyn

I️ have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I️ am a nurse, artist, and married to a Sex Addict.

I️ started this blog because I️ feel there are not enough forums or support groups for spouses of sex addicts. I️ have found a lot of support in the past through advice, support and understanding from women struggling with the same difficulties as myself.

Reading other stories and getting valuable advice and support was so comforting to me.

We all have suffered and (at least for me) have tried to maintain our sanity.

As for my personal experience, the unthinkable happened. When I️ thought my husband’s addiction couldn’t possibly get worse, it did.

Much worse….

I️ had to face reality and find a way to cope and survive.

My husband and daughter had an affair.

I️ barely survived this horrific time in my life and I️ want to share my story. I️ want to offer insight to others and share valuable lessons that I️ learned the hard way.


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